Opel Van der Haegen provides special terms, services and international support for the purchase of private and official Opel cars. You are eligible to buy under special IDS terms if you are an employee of a recognized international organization, a member of the diplomatic corps or EU military personnel. As an IDS customer, you not only get your Opel at a very attractive price, you also get personal support and service from our specialized Opel IDS dealers.

International Sales

If you work for an officially recognized international organization accredited by the host nation, such as NATO, United Nations, European Central Bank or other, and are on an assignment of at least one year abroad, you are eligible to purchase an Opel at special terms. If you are about to move to Europe, are already in Europe or are preparing to return home within Europe, you should definitely buy your Opel through the Opel IDS program. The same applies if you are looking for official cars for your international organization.

Diplomat Sales

As a diplomat, you, your spouse and your official representation are our privileged customers and can fully benefit from Opel IDS. You not only get your Opel at the most attractive IDS price, you also get support and personal service from our specialized Opel IDS sales representatives at our dealers and head office.

Military Sales

All EU military personnel stationed abroad, including UN/NATO peace-keeping forces, have the benefit of buying an Opel on special terms through the Opel IDS Military Sales Programme.

Ordering & Delivery

Visit one of our 2 Opel dealers sites in Aalst and Asse, to order your new Opel. We will provide you with cars from stock immediately or order a vehicle to your desired specification which will take 6-8 weeks for delivery depending on the model.

Owners manual in your own language

Upon delivery of your new Opel you will receive an owner's manual in the local language. Upon request we can provide you with an owner's manual in the language of your choice either at delivery or at a later point in time.


Keeping your vehicle in good condition and providing original Opel parts is also important to us. Opel Van der Haegen can help you with all required services and accessories after the sale.


Buying an Opel means you become the owner of a quality car with a focus on driving excitement, performance and safety. And while you are in Europe, your car is covered with a 24-month, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Roadside Assistance

All Opels delivered in Belgium are covered by the Opel Assistance Service. This service is free of charge and provides on-the-spot help should anything unexpected happen to your car while you are on the road. An Opel Assistance Centre is never further away than the nearest telephone and is open 24 hours a day, all year round.


To make your stay abroad more enjoyable, Opel Van der Haegen can provide all Opel genuine accessories for your car.